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About Journal  

Tropical Cyclone Research and Review is an international journal focusing on tropical cyclone monitoring, forecasting and research as well as its associated hydrological effects and disaster risk reduction. This journal is edited and published by ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee (TC) and Shanghai Typhoon Institute of China Meteorology Administration (STI/CMA). Contributions from all tropical cyclone basins are welcome.

*  Review of tropical cyclones that have unusual characteristics or behavior, or have caused disastrous impacts on Typhoon Committee Members and other WMO regional bodies
*  Advances in tropical cyclone applied and basic research or technology to improve tropical cyclone forecasts and warnings
*  Basic theoretical study of tropical cyclones
*  Event reports, interesting pictures and topic review reports of tropical cyclones
*  Review and research on hydrology related to tropical cyclones
*  Impacts, risk assessments or risk management techniques related to tropical cyclones

*  Manuscript should be submitted electronically to:
*  Communications relative to editorial matters could be sent to the Editorial Office of Tropical Cyclone Research and Review, No. 166 Puxi Road, Shanghai, 200030, P.R. China; E-mail:;  Fax: +86-21-64391966.
*  Only manuscripts in the English language can be accepted.
*  Additional information is available online at Submission of a contribution is assumed to indicate that no similar paper, other than an abstract or preliminary report, has been, or will be, submitted for publication elsewhere.
*  Publication charges: Authors are requested to pay page charges at the price of US$40 per black & white page (US$80 per color page) after acceptance for publication. Thirty reprints of each article published will be supplied free of charge. Additional reprints can be ordered in payment.

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