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Current Progress of TCRR

The first issue of the Tropical Cyclone Research and Review was launched during the 44th session. China Meteorological Administration, together with TCS, edits and publishes the Typhoon Committee science and technology journal quarterly from February 2012. This journal publishes research on tropical cyclones and review of tropical cyclone activities which are peculiar or causing disastrous impacts on Typhoon Committee Members. It also publishes review and research on hydrology and disaster risk reduction related to tropical cyclones. Contributions could be submitted through the website (

Since its launch, nine issues of Tropical Cyclone Research and Review were published with a total of 70 articles, covering the topics of tropical cyclone (TC) intensity and structure, TC climatology, review of TC in history, operational TC forecast verification, TC induced storm surge, flood or wave, and risk management etc. Authors are from 13 Typhoon Committee Members and several non-Members, including Australia, India, Oman and Russia. Two-thirds of them are international authors.

According to TCRR official web stats, our readers spread over 90 countries and regions. In addition, capacity of downloading has risen from 2500 to 9940 per quarter. Statistics show that our journal is attracting more and more attention from a wide range of readers.

Dr. Ki Ho Chang from National Typhoon Center of Korea Meteorological Administration, Dr. Jae Hyun Shim and Dr. Chihun Lee from National Disaster Management Institute of Korea were accepted as the visiting editor of 2012 and 2013.

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